Ever since my move down to the dirty south ….well kinda (Charleston, not really the dirty dirty south. lol) I definitely grew as a DJ getting immersed and exposed to different sounds thru a couple different avenues…

But this mix series I am unveiling is a relflection of a self journey to my true roots with some progressive which got me drawn to the art of DJing in the first place. I have to admit I am torn between a couple genres now.. lol. But hey, why have limits?!! Right!??? Thank you for everyone’s support so far—-KAV1ANI about:the music

#shout.to.my.phillyheads.Lee Mayjahs.Anton Chasm.Nick Cosmo.Peter Corsey.Jay Shok.Adam Nemo.DJ Nigel Richards.


LatinaGroove MindControl Sessions 001 --KAV1ANI   Latin House Club Music

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